Key Features

  • Heavy duty live tailstock centre for pen turners
  • An excellent centre for use with any Axminster pen mandrel
  • Supports work but eliminates compression of the mandrel shaft
  • Mandrel spacers not required
  • Faster changes for speedy production
  • Made in the UK

Options and Pricing

Product Code Product Description Guide Price
506391 Axminster Evolution series quick change pen centre 1MT £29.95
506392 Axminster Evolution series quick change pen centre 2MT £29.95
506393 Axminster Evolution series quick change pen centre 3MT £14.95 (was £27.95)

An excellent aid for pen turners, the Evolution quick change pen centre is intended for use with any of the Axminster pen mandrels. On most pen mandrels the blanks are mounted on the shaft and held in place with a nut at the tailstock end. A live centre is then brought up against the end of the mandrel shaft to support it during turning. The Evolution centre eliminates the need for a nut and there is no compression of the mandrel shaft. The result is that just the blank and any bushings used are now compressed resulting in smoother turning. This also means that spacers are not required as any exposed section of shaft is accommodated within the body of the centre.

Specification for Axminster Evolution Series Quick Change Pen Centre:
Morse Taper 3 MT