Key Features

  • Lapped blade, 44mm(1.3/4") wide
  • O1 tool steel with 25° bevel angle
  • Lapped to a flatness tolerance of 0.005mm(0.0002")

Options and Pricing

Product Code Product Description Guide Price
952926 Veritas Small Bevel-Up Bench Plane Blade - 44mm 1.3/4" O1 25° Bevel £30.80

In a nutshell, O1 steel is easy to hone and a very fine edge achieved relatively quickly. A2 steel is a little more difficult to sharpen but retains its edge for longer. The downside being, because of the different grain structure the A2 won't be quite as sharp as the O1. What does this mean in practice? If you're roughing something to size or planing abrasive exotics then A2 is probably the better choice. However, for fine finishing or the pure pleasure of working with the very sharpest of tools then go for the O1 option.