Key Features

  • Two 4,000 grit waterstones
  • 5 shallow rounded grooves on block
  • Reverse of block for flat tools
  • Small slip stone tapered with two round edges

Options and Pricing

Product Code Product Description Guide Price
384025 Ice Bear Carver's Waterstone Set £19.80

A set of two 4,000 grit waterstones. Firstly, a 108 x 63.5 x 16mm block with 5 shallow rounded grooves on one side for sharpening the bevels of a wide range of sweeps of carving tools, the reverse side and edges can obviously be used for flat tools. Secondly, a small slip stone 63.5 x 38mm tapered with two round edges 3 x 6mm radius for inside small tools etc. Full instructions in Japanese on the reverse of the pack, luckily the pictures are easy to follow!

Specification for Japanese Carver's Stone Set:
Grit 4,000