Key Features

  • Use for final finishing of surfaces, end-grain work & shooting mitres
  • Ductile cast iron body, fully stress-relieved, machined & surface ground
  • 44mm wide 25° blade in O1 or PM-V11 alloy steel
  • Locking front knob controls the adjustable mouth
  • Norris style adjuster for combined lateral & forward feed
  • Made in Canada

Options and Pricing

Product Code Product Description Guide Price
717513 Veritas Bevel-Up Bench Plane c/w O1 25° Blade £211.50
717515 Veritas Bevel-Up Bench Plane c/w PM-V11 25° Blade £221.50
952926 Veritas Small Bevel-Up Bench Plane Blade - 44mm 1.3/4" O1 25° Bevel £30.80

This neat little low angle plane is 225mm long, 59mm wide and weighs only 1.25kg. It is easier to handle than a full size smoother. Think of it lying somewhere between a large block plane and a full size smoother, then you’ll see just how useful this plane can be. Like a full size version, it is useful for final finishing of surfaces, end-grain work and for shooting mitres. The ductile cast iron body is fully stress-relieved, machined and surface ground with a bedding angle of 12° . The supplied 44mm wide blade has bevel of 25° and is available in O1 or the highly acclaimed PM-V11 alloy steel. The locking front knob controls the adjustable mouth, closed to a narrow slit for fine shavings or opened for heavier cuts. An adjustable stop-screw in the throat lets you open the mouth fully for blade removal (for honing) and replacement, yet quickly restores your chosen mouth setting. The large wooden front knob and rear handle provide both comfort and excellent control. The Norris-style adjustment mechanism, with its combined feed and lateral adjustment knob, makes blade setting easy and accurate. Set screws prevent the blade from shifting, but allow full lateral adjustment. The lapped blades have a flatness tolerance of ±0.005mm or better over the working surface, and with an average roughness surface finish of 0.000127mm or better. Made in Canada.

Specification for Veritas Small Bevel-Up Bench Planes:
Nett Weight 1.25 kg (2lb 12oz)